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We are fully licensed pharmacy, in the province of British Columbia.

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We know the storage conditions of your medicines. We deal with only the most reputable suppliers.

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We know the lot numbers and expiry dates of your medicines. You never have to worry about getting expired product.

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We know that your medicine is exactly what your Doctor ordered. We only ship quality products that have been verified and approved.

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We know exactly where your medications are manufactured and only offer the best available products.

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easy refills


real canadian pharmacy

All the savings in the world are not useful unless your medicine reaches you ASAP! So most of our orders are 'mailed-out' in 24 hours , and in most cases if you are refilling your medicines they are mailed out that day.

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Each time you fill a prescription with Medicare coverage, your American Pharmacy charges your Insurance Company inflated U.S. prices, bringing you closer to reaching the donut hole. By purchasing a few of your prescriptions with Marks Marine Pharmacy from the beginning of the year you will save 100% of the insurance charges, allowing you to reach your donut hole much later, plus saving all your Tier 2 ( $30 ) and Tier 3 ($60 ) co-pay charges!


marks marine pharmacy canada
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Welcome to We are a 'real' licensed Pharmacy in Vancouver B.C. Canada, only 20 minutes from the Seattle American border. With our product data base of over 30,000 products., we know we should have what you are looking for. If you cannot find the product you need, simply give us a call. You are only a phone call away from speaking to a Pharmacist.

We pride ourselves in helping you save money on your medicines. We have great savings on Brand name products, and even more savings on approved generic medicines. Part of our helpful service is that you make the decision whether you chose the brand or generic product.

All the savings in the world are not useful unless your medicine reaches you ASAP! So most of our orders are 'mailed-out' in 24 hours , and in most cases if you're refilling your medicines they are mailed out that day. Just like your corner Pharmacy, when you phone us, we are there to provide all the checks necessary to ensure accurate and prompt service.

There is only one way to have this confidence, and that is to order your medicines from United States or Canada. Only by ordering from a real licensed US or Canadian Pharmacy can you ensure that all your medicines have a trackable history from manufacture to storage to delivery at our Pharmacy.

Your health is the reason our Pharmacy operates. Making your medicines more affordable and saving you money is an added bonus for both you and I.

How to order:
Ordering is easy! Simply choose one of 4 ways to place your order.

secure order processing


(1) Phone toll free 1-877-888-9265
(2) Scan prescription to
(3) or; fax prescription to 1-877-888-9805

buy prescriptions from canada
Use our secure shopping cart option! Search your medication through our search field on the top left of the page, and follow the steps to placing your order. Complete the form and submit.

get your prescriptions from canada
Placing a refill? Feel free to call us toll free or use our fast and easy refill form here. Much quicker if you are simply refilling an existing medication.

canadian pharmacy prescription required
Want to print off an order form and fax it to us? use this form here and fax to 1-877-888-9805. Remember to include your prescription if ordering a prescription RX product.

Confused Deciding Health Insurance

Looking for health care coverage options that makes the most sense for you? Here is where 'bronze' may be better than 'gold'. If you choose a plan with the lower monthly payment , you will then have to pay a much higher prescription cost. If you choose a expensive monthly premium plan, your deductibles are lower and your prescription costs will be lower.

However, if you initially take the lower cost 'bronze' plan , THEN you can STILL get lower prescription costs as well if you get your medicines from Canada. So you save both ways...on your monthly premiums and your out of pocket prescriptions costs...which can save you thousands of dollars each year!

If you take the 'gold' plan and pay a higher monthly premium, you may still be stuck paying tremendously high branded drug prices when they could be available in Canada for hundreds of dollars less per month.( Plus in Canada you never get charged any of the Tier 2 or Tier 3 prices which can really add up)

Everyone's needs are different, however, if may be smart for the first year to buy the least expensive plan and then decide during the year if it was right for you.

Privacy Policy: keeps your information private and secure. Your information is never shared or sold for marketing purposes. All information remains confidential within our pharmacy for your protection.

A valid prescription from your doctor is required before RXCANADA4LESS.COM can
process and ship any prescription medications. No exceptions can be made!

Important Note:, DOES NOT sell or ship any controlled substances or narcotics of any kind.

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Canadian Prescriptions Dispensed by:
Marks Marine Pharmacy - License #20888
Tel: 604-325-9265
239 SE Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC Canada V5X 2S4
Pharmacy Manager: Robert Rosenblatt

This pharmacy is licensed in the province of British Columbia, Canada by the College of Pharmacists of BC. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact the college at: 200-1765 West 8th Ave Vancouver, BC Canada V6J 5C6. Square trade Disclaimer: The FDA, due to the current state of their regulations, has taken the positions that virtually all shipments of prescriptions drugs imported from a Canadian pharmacy by a U.S. consumer will violate the law.


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